Friday, January 26, 2007


iPod Geeks

Mike and I have spent the day importing ALL our music into iTunes so it can be imported into the new iPod. So far, in my library alone, I have enough music that it would take almost seven straight days to listen to all of it. And I have about three dozen more CDs to import. It's official! I am turning into a geek! It looks like we will have to be a two-iPod family to accomodate Mike's schedule and our different musical tastes.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I Was Wrong!

For most of my life, I never understood, nor cared about, the game of football. Then Dan enrolled at UF and joined the Gator marching band. Of course, we traveled to Gainesville to see him on the field with his trumpet. I endured the blazing hot sun to get a glimpse of him in his uniform blasting out the strains of the fight song, and We Are The Boys of Old Florida. And guess what?!? I enjoyed the game! Since then I've become a huge Gator football fan, and when the whole country thought that my Gators didn't have a chance against Ohio State, I held firm that my blue and orange reptiles would win the BCS title. Only, I was wrong about the score. I predicted that it would be a very close game, and my Gators would be victorious by one or two points. Man, was I WRONG! UF totally trounced Ohio State! What a fun evening it was. Even though I was alone to watch the game, Mike and Dan and I kept the phone ringing through the evening. After major plays, I would wait for the phone to ring, or I would hit speed dial and connect with my fellow Gator family! Now we will all suffer gridiron withdrawal as we wait for the 2007 season to begin again in the fall.


Saturday, January 06, 2007


For Your Listening Pleasure

If you enjoy the smooth tones of an acoustic guitar, and a mellow male voice, singing lyrics that you can actually understand, you might want to check out Danny Schneible's latest CD. I've just ordered mine!

UPDATE! My CD arrived last week and has been imported into my iTunes. It has certainly lived up to my expectations! There are a variety of tunes, but my favorites are the ones that take me back in time…Scotch and SodaDon’t Think TwiceWords of Love. A newer tune, Fields of Gold, is equally enjoyable, and a hauntingly beautiful melody, Beautiful Things, is an original composition. Danny performs regularly in the northern Virginia area. Maybe some day I’ll make a trip to Loudon County, Virginia to visit the home site of my revolutionary war ancestor, Timothy Hixon, my G-G-G-G-Grandfather. If I get that close, I’ll be sure catch a live performance. In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for the CD and iTunes.

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