Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here's Evan!

Well, it's not been a quiet week in Noogan Town. Our sweet little Evan made his grand entrance six days early on Sunday August 10. He weighed 7 lbs and 5 oz and was 19" long. It's been quite hectic ever since. Becky had a long, but easy labor, and a long and not-so-easy delivery. She almost had to have a C-section. She and Evan came home Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening we had to rush to the emergency room. He was choking and turning PURPLE! They did a chest x-ray and told us he had fluid in his lungs (maybe from the difficult birth) They decided to admit him to do a swallow test in the AM to check for reflux. That meant that Becky couldn't feed him, so they inserted an IV into his tiny baby vein. It took about 4 nurses to finally get a vein, and the whole time poor baby Evan was screaming. Also his bilirubin had risen, so he was going to need phototherapy. The next morning they did a swallow test which came back fine, and a radiologist said that the X-ray was normal. No fluid in his lungs. In the meantime, this first time grandma was a basket case! But he still needed the phototherapy so they put little blinders on his baby eyes and put him under the lights. Late Wedesday night, he was released and they came home. I was hoping they would keep him another night because I was afaid of another choking incident. All's well that ends well and Mom and baby are doing fine, particularly since we discovered Mylicon drops! They are truly a miracle elixir sent from heaven!

PS. I've started him listening to Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven! :-)

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Another year!

As you can see by the dates of my entries, I am not a real dedicated blogger. Not too much that is blog-worthy happens in my life. That will soon change when Becky gives birth to my first grandchild. I am leaving tomorrow for Noogan Town to await the blessed event. The next time you see my blogging face, you can call me Grandma...Gran-mama....or Grandmother Most Exalted! But I will not be Granny!

In the meantime, today marks another anniversary of the day my life changed forever! Mike is at work, but I may just have to go to McDonalds and celebrate by myself with a cheeseburger and an orange drink! :-)

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