Sunday, December 30, 2007


With This Ring.....Forever!

Today is our 40th wedding anniversary! I've condensed 40 years into less than three minutes in the new slideshow using some favorite photos of just Mike and me. Here is the first page of the ALL ABOUT US scrapbook that I've made using most of the same pics as the slideshow. It's each of us at 18, living on opposite sides of the continent, before we met. It proves that we really were young once!

(Music is "After All These Years" sung by Foster and Allen)

Happy Anniversay a day late. I remember your wedding with Bonnie and Julie,age 10 months, in their red velvet dresses. Where has the time gone? Very nice slide show --it made me "sparkle." Best wishes for 40 more years!

Oh, that is so sweet--I sparkled, too!!
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